The only boutique custom home and acreage builder in Okotoks


LASK Homes only builds one home at a time - yours.

Our commitment to this level of personalized service has resulted in over a dozen awards, including SAM, Consumer's Choice and Reader's Choice awards for service excellence. 



Our track record of delivering over 300 "welcome home" for our valued clients has established us as a trusted company in Southern Alberta. 

As a Master Certified and Moisture Certified Builder, LASK has the credentials, certifications and track record of building outstanding quality homes, on time and on budget.

Additionally, we understand that small details matter.

That's why we're in touch regularly during pre-determined points throughout our homebuilding process, our work site stays clean and our trades partners are professional, friendly and tidy. 

It's why, for a year after move-in, we're still part of your life to address any issues that arise in a timely manner. 

It's why we provide not only the standard Alberta New Home Warranty, but also the Travellers Home Warranty Program.

None of these decisions are ones we have to make, but they're the right thing to do. 

You'll find at LASK Homes, that's just how we do things. 

We look forward to welcoming you to the extended LASK family.