Our Promise

We attribute our nearly three decades of success to our uniquely dedicated approach to meeting your expectations.

We promise to dedicate ourselves to upholding the following standards of service and quality:

  1. Regular text, email, phone call and in person meetings will keep you comfortable you are in good hands. 
  2. The construction will occur on schedule as will delivery of your dream "Welcome Home". 
  3. The work space is kept tidy and our trade partners are considerate and clean.
  4. We will bring get your input on all the details that matter during construction. Things like plug placements and adding archways; the decisions that you'll be living with for years.
  5. We'll deliver a home without major defects and we will work to address any deficiencies in a timely and professional manner.
  6. Should any unexpected challenges arise, they will be communicated immediately, along with an action plan for remediation.
  7. You'll find the process as enjoyable as the end product, and you'll consider yourself a member of the LASK family.