Our Promise

We attribute our nearly three decades of success to our uniquely dedicated approach to meeting your expectations.

We promise to dedicate ourselves to upholding the following standards of service and quality:

  1. Regular text, email, phone call and in person meetings will keep you comfortable you are in good hands. 
  2. The construction will occur on schedule as will delivery of your dream "Welcome Home". 
  3. The work space is kept tidy and our trade partners are considerate and clean.
  4. We will bring get your input on all the details that matter during construction. Things like plug placements and adding archways; the decisions that you'll be living with for years.
  5. We'll deliver a home without major defects and we will work to address any deficiencies in a timely and professional manner.
  6. Should any unexpected challenges arise, they will be communicated immediately, along with an action plan for remediation.
  7. You'll find the process as enjoyable as the end product, and you'll consider yourself a member of the LASK family. 

Our Process

Meet & Greet

customer (1).png

First, let's meet and learn a little about each other. We're always excited to learn about your unique needs, wants and considerations. .

Our goal is to capture your image of the home that will satisfy the needs of your family for decades to come.

Our approach is one of more listening than talking. As our aim is to help enrich your vision of your dream space we do offer experience based suggestions and ideas.

Here, we'll learn about your needs and your budget, whether you have or need assistance acquiring land, which we're more than happy to help with.

Design & Refine


From here, our team will work to create an initial design for you.

Careful planning with our team of designers will quantify the spaces needed, the relationships between the spaces and finally their layout and what they will look like.

We will help not only create the space, but maintain an overall budget so you can balance needs and wants.

We've been in the business long enough to understand this is the best place to begin. We'll then present a range of the options and prices available to you to review, provide feedback on and revise.

From here, we work together to refine . 

Styling & Selections


The selections process is one we embark on together.

From flooring to cabinets, far from sending you on your own to various suppliers, we accompany you, advise you and assist you with making your finishing selections. 




Building your custom home with LASK homes will be one of the most pleasant experiences of your life.

Well managed custom home building projects are what we do best.

You can expect your project to be on time, on budget and to your exacting specifications.

After Sales Service


Once the home is complete and you’ve had time to take it all in, we’re still a part of your world. After sales service is a large part of our culture and we have the Calgary and Alberta wide awards to prove it.

For the next year we will be attending the necessary adjustments and fine tuning that a home of this stature deserves. In our world, you are our biggest advertising campaign.

The strength of our relationship creates a following that money can’t buy. You’re a part of our extended LASK family.



Get In Touch

If you'd like to learn more about whether building with LASK homes is for you, please get in touch using the form below. Or, if you prefer, please call Kevin direct at: (403) 651-9770 


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